Film gear

rental packages

White Minibuses

Titan 1-ton Package

From C-Stands to C-47s, our Titan package includes a wide array of necessary grip gear and is customizable to include lights, cameras, lenses and more.


Truck rents by the day, and is delivered by a licensed and insured WeBreedlove team member.

Theater Lights

Lighting Kits

Lighting is crucial to tell your story. Save by bundling lights with the TITAN Package, or rent only what you need. 

Camera Rental

Cameras & Lenses

Maybe you need everything from the slate to the camera, maybe you just want to add a B-Cam or just upgrade your lenses. Maybe you don't need anything special, maybe you want ultra HD. Whatever your needs, we can build the right package for you, or bundle and save with the TITAN Package. 


Audio Equipment

Choose between our selection of mics and recorders to get the perfect sound. Gear can be bundled with the TITAN Package or rented individually.

Printer Ink Check

Printers & Accessories

There's so much more than what we see on camera, make sure your production office has the proper tools to make the magic happen!