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Chetley Breedlove




Chetley Breedlove has always pushed the limits on what is possible in film, starting with defying the odds of setting a dream at a young age to make it to Hollywood, and accomplishing it at the very onset of his career.

His journey began at Full Sail University where he wrote and directed three projects, two of which were submitted and subsequently awarded in multiple festivals. After graduation, Chetley was almost immediately offered a job working with James Franco in Los Angeles.

In pursuit of his childhood dream, Chetley and, his then fiancé, Kendra left home for Hollywood. From there he would stay busy on a number of TV shows and feature films, working on almost every production lot from 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers, MGM, and Sony Pictures. Throughout his time In LA, Chetley put his education to work, and began to learn the ins and outs of true Hollywood-style production.


With steady work, it would have made sense to stay in LA and keep working, but he and Kendra saw an opportunity to change the entire game of film in their home town of Northwest Arkansas. The plan was to develop a film model to help them produce Hollywood-style projects right in their backyard, and that is how WeBreedlove Productions came to existence.





Kendra Breedlove has spent the majority of her life located in Northwest Arkansas, and is a graduate of the Arkansas Arts Academy. Kendra has always known she had a passion for all forms of art, but after trying her hand at a multitude of artistic expressions, she discovered her strong suit lies within the act of appreciation. Her attempts, although sometimes laughable, lead her to acknowledge and appreciate the depths of artists’ creations at a far greater level. 

Always hungering for the next adventure, she was ready to stray away from home and push Chetley to make a name for himself in LA. After watching his career blossom far sooner than expected, she was always keeping her mind open to where this life could lead her. Having never really found her niche, Kendra’s career path was much more fluid, allowing her to set it aside, which became a true blessing. When she discovered the long hours, lack of creativity, and quite frankly, the greed that was the reality of Hollywood, she knew their family would not be able to thrive with such conditions. Unsure of what to do, she waited for God to guide her toward her calling.

It wasn’t until a loss in the family called them home that she realized this was all part of His plan. They returned to a rapidly growing industry with enough time to get in on the ground floor, and just the right opportunities in front of them. Although the plan was ultimately to return to Hollywood one day, God laid out a path all too clear for WeBreedlove. She took on the role of supporter that ultimately led Kendra to her current position. Being Producer allows her to encourage and support local artists, while also channeling her logic and organizational expertise. She is the brains behind each production, making so much of it possible.

Kendra Breedlove


robert babcock

Associate Producer

Robert Babcock is a USMC Military Police veteran and a graduated of DePaul University with a degree in Marketing and Business Management.


Robert had spent nine years as the Chairman of Supply Distribution for the Walmart NW Arkansas LPGA Championship and currently is on the board of the Fayetteville Film Festival.


As an actor, Robert has been on television, commercial, and feature films, and in Max Winslow and the House of Secrets, Robert successfully transitioned into the role of film producer.


Caleb hoenshell

Production Associate

Caleb Hoenshell is passionate about making both narrative and documentary pieces that impact, connect and inspire individuals in ways that make the world a better place. He is seasoned in directing, capturing production sound, being a a cinematographer, lighting, gaffing as well as many post production processes like editing, sound mixing and color correction.
Throughout Caleb's film making experiences, he has had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and work on some amazing projects. Through these projects, he has familiarized himself with an array of different cameras, working with the Canon C300, C100 MK 2, Blackmagic Ursa Mini Pro, Panasonic EVA 1, as well as many DSLR cameras. When he isn't behind the camera, he is working with lighting, audio equipment and utilizing post production programs like Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Davinci Resolve, Boujou and Adobe Audition. 
Caleb is a highly motivated individual with the ability to exemplify both a childlike spontaneity in certain circumstances, while also maintaining a highly professional attitude in others. We can say with confidence that his past and present experiences have enabled him to be both an encouraging and highly efficient coworker.